All adults over the age of 18 can benefit from the formula.

LEAP2BFit® is far more than an amino acid blend! There are only 9 essential amino acids and LEAP has 40 active ingredients. As to the amino acid formulation itself, LEAP2BFit® has been formulated based on what the human body actually needs, not some arbitrary best guess, or something mimicking a natural protein source. Most commercial amino acid formulas also lack the chaperone ingredients needed to properly synthesize the proteins, hormones and enzymes that the body needs to make from the aminos.

All our products are made right here in the U.S.A. at an FDA, NSF inspected facility under the strict guidelines of cGMP. Our ingredients are internationally sourced and carefully screened and tested for purity and to ensure they are genuine.

Yes, we ship almost everywhere in the world, with very few exceptions. Currently we do not ship directly to Mexico, Russia and South Africa. Italy has classified LEAP2BFit® as a medical food only allowing customers to buy a one month supply at a time per person.

The ingredients in LEAP2BFit® are in their highest bio-available form, meaning that they will absorb best if nothing else is in the digestive system.

Three classes of nutrients are used by the mitochondria in our cells to produce ATP, which is the fuel that provides us with energy. All three are included in LEAP2BFit®, but the immediate energy is not what people should be looking for. Sustained energy throughout the day should be the preferred goal. To achieve this, the mitochondria in the cells need to be increased to naturally accelerate the metabolism. Studies have shown that properly formulated amino acid supplements can significantly increase the amount of mitochondria in cells, resulting in a natural all-day increase in energy, stamina and strength.

All products returned to LEAPxx within 30 days of purchase are entitled to a full refund, minus the original shipping cost.

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Recommended serving is 1-2 times a day on an empty stomach. Once a day for maintenance after taking LEAP2BFit® 2 times a day for 3-4 months. If you have a weakened condition and your body is in need of repair, we recommend 2 servings a day.

Just mix a scoop of L-Serine into your serving of LEAP2BFit®. Both can be taken together.

Yes, after taking LEAP2BFit® for 60 days, we recommend only taking 1 serving for two days, or skipping taking it altogether for 2-3 days a month.

LEAP2BFit® has the primary ingredients that you need from protein in it already, namely the amino acids. The amino acids in LEAP2BFit® are easily absorbed by your digestive system, requiring little to no energy to digest, absorb and metabolize. When you eat protein, the body produces strong hydrochloric acid and delivers it into the stomach to start breaking down the difficult to digest proteins. Then digestive enzymes are sent into the small intestine to continue breaking down the protein. These processes interfere with the absorption of the ingredients in the formula and alter the amino acid ratios available to the body. The ratio of amino acids in the formula is based on what the body needs. Since the amino acids are in free form and do not require any digestion, we don’t want anything to interfere with them until they are fully absorbed.

Toggle ContentYes, just make sure to use 4-6 oz of water to dissolve the powder. This amount of liquid is required to provide optimal absorption of the nutrients in the formula. Please remember to give it on an empty stomach, at least two hours before and four hours after a “meal” or meal replacement formula.

Yes, LEAP2BFit® is not intended to replace a good multivitamin. LEAP2BFit® takes over where common multivitamins leave off and provides the amino acids, botanical and other gene targeting ingredients that are not found in many products. Several nutrients found in many multivitamins are of the least expensive kind, for example common folic acid or the cyanocobalamin form of vitamin B-12. Due to individual genetics up to 40% of the overall population will not be converting these life critical nutrients into their useful bio-active form. LEAP2BFit® delivers these important vitamins in their most bio-available form, meaning that the body can use them right away, without having to make enzymes to convert them first.

That depends on your current metabolic condition, age, activity level and other factors. Everyone responds differently, and it appears that those who have suffered with chronic conditions in the past, or have taken strong, or long term antibiotics have an extensive biofilm in their digestive tract that impedes the absorption of nutrients. People who are deficient in any of the over 39 active ingredients found in LEAP2BFit® will notice a difference quickly, sometimes within a day or two. On average, increases in energy, endurance and stamina become noticeable within 10-14 days of taking LEAP2BFit® two times a day. If taken only once, these results can take more than twice as long. After 90 days of consuming LEAP2BFit® two times a day, many cells in the body have been replaced by a cell that was made under optimized nutritional conditions.

Yes, but don’t waste it by taking more of it at one time or taking servings less than 4 hours apart. The body needs ~4 hours to assimilate one serving, so wait at least that long before taking more. LEAP2BFit® optimal dosing goes by body weight, but most people only need it twice a day. If you weigh more than 180 lbs. or perform a high degree of physical activity during the day, taking more can be of benefit.

A few people have commented that they have difficulty falling asleep if they take LEAP2BFit® too late in the day. This is easily solved by taking the second serving in the afternoon. However, this over stimulation can be due to a deficiency in one or more ingredients in the LEAP2BFit® formula and should resolve after several days. It is beneficial to take LEAP2BFit® right before sleep. Scientists have discovered that the body synthesizes (makes) proteins, hormones, and enzymes in overdrive when people are in REM sleep (dream phase). Thus, having an abundance of metabolic building blocks available for that period of sleep can be of great benefit.

No, LEAP2BFit® is based on human metabolic needs and is the same for everyone. Taking LEAP2BFit® in proportion to your weight brings about faster results. It puts the body into an anabolic state, which accelerates muscle building and tissue repair. Athletes may also wish to take more LEAP2BFit® to help their body repair and maintain muscles and connective tissues more efficiently.

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