LEAP2BFit® 4 Atheletes

Whether you are a weekend warrior or striving to be at the top of your sport as a professional, LEAP2BFit® can help you achieve your goals. Athletes can boost overall strength and endurance the natural way with LEAP2BFit® from Evolutionary Leap Technologies Corp. The LEAP Formula (short for Live Evolve And Prosper) is designed to provide optimal amounts of the basic building blocks naturally used to help the body build and repair muscle and connective tissues. It includes ingredients that help accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation and improve mental acuity.

Many athletes, especially professional athletes encounter a problem with overreaching, meaning they train to a constantly higher level and then, at some point, actually end up with a drop in performance, despite increased training. The ingredients in LEAP help promote a higher density of mitochondrial cells in new muscle tissue that is produced, while LEAP2BFit® is consumed. These mitochondria are the powerhouses for our body, converting nutrients to ATP (the fuel our body runs on). The more mitochondria the higher the efficiency in converting food to energy, resulting in increased strength, stamina and endurance.

LEAP2BFit® ingredients are carefully calculated based on metabolic needs. Those taking LEAP2BFit® should discontinue taking other amino acid supplements, since this will unbalance the ratio of amino acids available to the body. When this occurs, the benefits of LEAP2BFit® are reduced or lost altogether.

Since all ingredients in LEAP2BFit® are safe to consume, athletes can increase their consumption to 3-4 times a day. The result will be that the amino acids that are not used by the body for protein synthesis, can be used for the production of energy via mitochondrial ATP production.

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