Wellness Through Advanced Nutrition

Longevity is no longer about a healthy diet and exercise; it’s about keeping your body “clean” via regular detoxification, and consuming advanced nutrition in the form of highly bio-available and “clean” nutrients. LEAP2BFit® is formulated to provide the body with essential nutrients known to be the building blocks that help the body build and repair muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, proteins and hormones. Select micro-nutrients in LEAP2BFit® have clinically been proven to help optimize genetic function in humans.

The formula helps increase collagen production to provide your body with the building blocks to rejuvenate body tone, skin texture and more. Many high quality cosmetics deliver collagen building ingredients directly to your skin. LEAP2BFit® provides the natural ingredients your body uses to build collagen in all tissues throughout your body.

As of age of 35-40, people begin to lose muscle mass and have to work harder to build and maintain muscle. It’s a gradual process where initially people lose ¼ to ½% of muscle mass each year. However, as aging progresses this is accelerated so that by age 75, the rate of muscle mass loss is often over 4% per year.

The process of breaking down nutrients in the digestive system becomes less and less efficient with aging; making supplementation essential for optimal wellness. Without optimal nutrition, numerous deficiencies are known to develop that lead to degenerative processes.

As a result, the body is gradually weakened as muscle mass, collagen, bone and other connective tissues degrade. DNA methylation, a mechanism that instructs genes on how to function also degrades and is lost in areas responsible for metabolic processes. The resulting metabolic imbalance triggers inflammatory responses and other degenerative disease processes. As more genes fail to receive proper instructions, more metabolic problems begin to occur and compound.

LEAP2BFit® is formulated with ingredients that have long track records and are known to be safe to consume on a daily basis. Although it is not intended to replace a multivitamin, LEAP2BFit® contains certain essential vitamins in a highly bio-available form that are generally not found in most brands. For example, one of the most fortified nutrients in our food supply, folic acid, does not benefit 35-40% of the people who consume it, even though they take multivitamins and eat products that are fortified. Since the bio-available form of folic acid (L-methylfolate) is so important to our metabolism on an Epigenetic basis, it is included in LEAP2BFit® even though its cost is 1,000% higher than that of common folic acid.

An Evolution in Functional Nutrition that Helps Boost Energy Levels… Supports a Healthy Immune Defense… Can Help Shed Unwanted Body Fat… Helps to Build and Repair Muscles… Helps Maintain Healthy Joints… Can Promote Clear Thinking & Decision-Making… Helps Tame Inflammation.
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